Engineering Geology - Mining and quarrying
"When free, the mind is naturally serene, as the unstirred water is by nature clean and clear."
Tibetan proverb.

With his widely recognized knowledge of aquifer systems, our team of hydrogeologists is able to model, that is to say, to conceptualize, reproduce and predict the spatial and / or temporal evolution of surface and groundwater water associated with natural or artificial constraints. These models, developed in strict harmony with your real needs are tools for decision making and provide a notable service that we offer in the field of geological engineering, and especially for sectors of mining and civil engineering.

AQUALE's expertise

To better meet the challenges you face, we already operate upstream of modeling, e.g. by performing characterization campaigns on the ground. We also perform with the utmost care geomorphological studies, geophysical surveys and more generally mineral deposit studies and studies of the impact on the environment which are characterized by their pragmatism and their high quality.

Based on recognized experience of over a decade, our team of modelers conceptualizes, calibrates and then uses numerical models in 1D, 2D or 3D that is best suited to your situation, both in unsaturated and saturated zone and both in transitory and permanent regime. Due to our high competence in this field and our specialized expertise, we offer solutions to recurring questions asked in mining and civil engineering, such as:

  • the securing of slopes and cliffs
  • the digging, planning and monitoring of wells, tunnels and galleries
  • the design and project management of drainage devices or artificial recharge
  • the design and project management of containment devices (jet grouting, capping ...)
  • the reuse of mine water and the management of temporary or permanent drawdown of the water table
  • both economical and environmental optimization of the phasing of a project
  • studies of the impact on the environment

More specific modeling also allows us to offer services in related areas such as underwater research or waste management sector, for which we have a proven track record in Wallonia in the design of landfills.

We accompany you from the hydrogeological and geotechnical studies related to the project implementation down to the post-management monitoring, helping you to develop application files for authorizations and permits and also the various technical specifications, ensuring interface with different contractors, but also coordinating consultations with the competent authorities.

The AQUALE solutions

AQUALE is a key player and is recognized in the implementation of action plans aimed at curative and preventive compliance with good qualitative and quantitative status of groundwater bodies, particularly in the context of the extractive industry. In this context, and pragmatically, we can help you find the best answers to technical and economic issues that you encounter.

For large deposits, in consultation with the private and the public sectors and the authorities, we can help you to develop sustainable solutions such as strategies coupling drainage water reuse and rationalization of supply networks, resulting from numerical simulations on basins of great extension and sometimes transbordary.