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Located in the heart of Wallonia, AQUALE company is present on the Belgian and international market as a consulting firm since 2002. It also benefits from the historical experience of sister company 'ECOFOX SA' founded in 1992.

At AQUALE's, we combine expertise, innovation and R&D in fields such as geology, hydrogeology, reuse of underground ressources (groundwater and quarries), geothermal energy and studies on polluted soils and aquifers.

Specializing in the protection of the environment in the broad sense, we provide and develop advices and expertise, we perform impact studies and detailed risk analysis and we provide project and system management.

Whether you represent a private company, a community or an individual, we accompany you through all the processes of carrying out the missions entrusted to us from the initial study to the final validation. Our ambition undoubtedly remains to develop high quality advices and studies through personalised approaches and solutions.