Corporate culture

Our values

Competence, integrity and passion, these are the values that make up the foundation of our corporate culture.


The value and reliability of our services result in particular from the expertise and the pursuit of excellence that we strive to associate with each step of the mission with which our company AQUALE assist you. Ongoing training and management structure actively contribute to the realization of this commitment.


The special attention that our team and our collaborators bring to the protocols as well as to the rules of deontology, implies that intellectual honesty and the sense of responsibility are valued within AQUALE. Thus, our objectives are to fulfil our commitments and to develop services in line with the pragmatic and sustainable management of environmental resources.


It is passion that, within the AQUALE team, drives the efforts of our engineers and hydrogeologists, makes them coordinate, fill in field notebooks, interpret various data, communicate results and advices and ultimately enjoy the success of a well done job.

Based on this corporate culture, our ambition and pride certainly remains to develop high quality studies and advices through responsible and personalised approaches and solutions.