Geothermal and hydrothermal

"It's cold because you look where there is no heat"
Alexandra David-Neel, a Franco-Belgian explorer and writer, 1868 - 1969

Today more than ever, the new forms of renewable energy such as wind, solar energy or geothermal energy are an essential alternative and complement to fossil fuels being depleted, on an environmental, socio-economic and political point of view. Indeed, these new sources of energy allow us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our resources, while addressing in a sustainable manner the issue of the rising cost of fossil fuels and the growing need for energy independence.

In this context, AQUALE assists you with a range of highly specialized and controlled activities in the field of hydrothermal and geothermal energy, operating the soil or the water as the energy source.

AQUALE Expertise

Whether you represent a private company, a community or an individual, we can advise you and assist you by providing you with the expertise of a registered office and a team whose experience and multidisciplinarity are recognized for services such as :

  • hydrothermal and geothermal potential diagnosis and feasibility studies
  • borehole drilling, monitoring and thermal response tests (TRT)
  • sizing the fields of boreholes and wells
  • numerical simulations of flow and thermal fields
  • assistance to project management
  • assistance to system management

AQUALE solutions

Our main solutions developed to date value very low temperature geothermal or hydrothermal energy. It is materialized by the catchment devices:

  • horizontal or vertical
  • on groundwater
  • coupled with foundation structures

Each of these devices having its advantages and disadvantages, we ideally start operating at the draft stage, in order to coordinate effectively with client teams. We contribute to best meet the agreed priorities and to optimize relevantly the geothermal or hydrothermal appliance chosen.

Our experience and mastery of technical and auxiliary processes proven for over 10 years enable us to develop solutions that distinguish themselves by high quality standards, also when integrated within large-scale projects.