AQUALE is working today for a better future by offering high quality services and customized solutions in the areas of applied hydrogeology, geology, engineering as well as in geothermal or hydrothermal energy.

Applied hydrogeology

  • Geophysical and topographic surveys
  • Surface water gauging and tracing
  • Implementation and monitoring of wells and piezometers
  • Permeability and tracer tests
  • Chemical and isotopic analyses
  • Conceptual and numerical models
  • Protection perimeter for water intake wells
  • Studies of ponds and water bodies
  • Characterization of contaminated sites and aquifers
  • Remediation and rehabilitation projects for industrial sites
  • Design and management of containment systems
  • Management of good qualitative / quantitative surface and groundwater bodies

Engineering geology - Mining and quarrying

  • Securing of cliffs and slopes
  • Development of galleries and tunnels
  • Design and project management of drainage / recharge devices
  • Reuse of drainage water in quarries
  • Optimization of extraction phases
  • Stability studies and karst studies
  • Vibration Studies
  • Impact studies and application for permits
  • Project management for landfills and inerting centres
  • Leak detection and subaquatic research

Geothermal and hydrothermal energy

  • Potential diagnostics and feasibility studies
  • Recognition drillings and thermal response tests
  • Numerical modeling of flow and thermal fields
  • Dimensioning drilling fields
  • Assistance to project management
  • Assistance to system management